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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why survey about school climate?

    School climate directly impacts our school district every day. Positive school climate promotes teacher retention, lower dropout rates, decreased incidence of violence, and higher student achievement. By measuring school climate, the district will be better equipped to address climate concerns and promote continuous improvement.

  • Why are we taking this survey again this year?

    Since climate is so important, we will be using this survey annually to compare feedback from year to year so we can see how we have improved and grown.

  • Is the survey mandatory?

    The survey is not mandatory, however, we are providing opportunity for all internal stakeholders to complete this survey during work and school time. With a high response rate, we will be more confident in drawing conclusions and creating action plans together.

  • When and where will the survey be administered?

    The survey will be administered on-line beginning in mid-March and concluding at the end of March. Students will be given class time to complete the survey. Staff will be given time during a staff meeting or other work time. Parents will have the opportunity to complete the survey at any of our facilities or on a device on their own time.

  • How long will it take to complete the surveys?

    The length of time ranges per survey. The student, instructional, and non-instructional staff surveys take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete, and the parent/guardian survey takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Who should respond to the surveys?

    The surveys were designed with all relevant stakeholders in mind. As a result, the surveys are intended for all school staff, all students in grades 5–12, and the parents/guardians of those students.

  • I am a parent with kids in multiple buildings, how do I respond to the survey?

    You have three options: 1) you can answer the survey for each building in which you have a student or 2) answer the survey for the building about which you have the strongest opinions (positive or negative) or 3) click all the schools at which you have a student and answer generally about them all.

  • Where will the data be protected?

    All survey responses are anonymous, meaning nobody will be able to trace individual responses back to specific students, parents, or staff. Data will be stored in a secure file.

  • Who will have access to the results?

    The raw data will be processed by the central office team. Data sets will be provided to other stakeholder groups for further analysis and planning: District Leadership Team, Building Leadership Teams, Spartan Betterment Committee (Staff Data Set), and Student Health and Wellness Advisory Council (SHWAC) / Counselors (Student and Parent Data Set). A summary of results will be shared with all stakeholders.