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2020 District Climate Survey Results

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Graphs showing the results of the climate survey data

Introduction and Rationale:

The district climate survey will be administered in spring 2020 for the fourth consecutive year. Once again, the survey will provide information that will be used to spotlight strengths and address areas of concern. The data will be used to address climate and support continuous improvement.

School climate directly impacts our school district every day. Positive school climate promotes teacher retention, lower dropout rates, decreased incidence of violence, and higher student achievement. A team of district stakeholders, including representatives from a broad cross-section of roles in the district, began meeting in December 2016. In the meetings, the team had conversations about the meaning and importance of school climate. The team also examined instruments that would assist in accurately determining the climate of the Moberly School District, including student, staff, and parent input.


The primary outcome of this work is to improve outcomes and experiences for students. The following items support this ultimate outcome:

  • Inform the development of school-wide improvement and specific action plans.
  • Facilitate dialogue and strengthen communication between stakeholder groups.
  • Support continuous improvement.
  • Increase the retention rate of staff.